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Our guiding values


We believe in the power of networks to build a new foundation for achieving social change. Through creating trusting relationships, integrating issues, and setting a compelling vision and clear outcomes, networks are increasingly the new platform for social justice and sustainability efforts to transform systems.


We are a small group of network practitioners dedicated to sharing practices for network success through developing toolkits and case studies; hosting convenings, trainings and conversations among network practitioners (including network members, consultants, funders, software developers, and researchers); and, supporting innovative projects and opportunities to catalyze networks at different scales and life stages.


There is a balance between creating an opportunity for action tailored to specific circumstances and issues, and “reinventing the wheel” when practices, tools, and examples exist and can be effectively shared online or in-person. There is also a tremendous need in the field for funders, consultants and network facilitators/coordinators to learn about and apply network mindsets and practices. We strive to work together and with others modeling a network approach to build capacity, support specific efforts, and explore new methods of network practice.

Scale + complexity

We believe that the growing prevalence of networks for social change among institutions and individuals at a local, regional, national, and global level requires parallel growth in the ability of funders, change consultants, and network managers and to provide appropriate capacity-building for such efforts. Networks are places for emergent learning and, as they connect a range of different organizations and issues, a crucible for navigating complexity.


Most importantly, we do this work as we see networks as the seed-bed of growing more effective movements for social change. We envision and work in service to a more just, humane, prosperous, and beautiful world.

What we do

We support networks for social, racial, and environmental equity.

    Support network learning and practice by offering tools to improve understanding and application of network philosophy, structure, and function; develop case studies to illustrate and share stories of network success (and failure), highlighting lessons learned for the field; create an online learning library of seminal network articles and tools.

  • Practioner Training + Convening

    Host virtual and face-to-face workshops and conversations to advance the field of network practice for social change (including webinars, tailored training for networks, and larger practitioner convenings).

  • Joint Projects

    Pursue network development and strategy opportunities to model a collaborative consulting approach and profile tools, practices, and lessons learned to build capacity across the field of network practitioners. Services include network structure creation, network strategy, network facilitation, network mapping, and network evaluation.

  • Network practice field building

    This is the meta-work. We convene network weavers, build, adapt and test tools that support network development, and interface with other thought leaders in the field.


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Network Mapper + Technologist
My passion is supporting social justice work. I do so through leveraging relationships to build capacity — sort of like matchmaking — at a network level. I also have a knack for web design and making technology approachable.
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Network Strategy + Leadership
Catalyzing change through collaborative network development, community engagement, and facilitation of transformational conversations to support sustainability and social justice efforts.
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Network Facilitation + Embodied Leadership
Strategy, design and facilitation for collaborative networks, movements leaders, and social justice groups
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Philanthropy + Social Justice Leadership
Strategy, design, leadership, and organizational development for philanthropy, organizations, and collaborative movements to achieve environmental sustainability and racial and social justice


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