Resources for Measuring Network Health

View the Google Document to add comments. Table of Contents Framing Paper: The State of Network Evaluation (Network Impact, 2014) Diagnostic Tool: Network Effectiveness (Monitor Institute, n.d.) Toolkit: Network Health Scorecard (Arbor Consulting Partners and Network Impact, 2009) Framework: Network Evolution Assessment (Connecting to Change the World, 2015) For further reading   Introductory Thoughts The[…]


Transformative Philanthropy

Transformative Philanthropy Resources The following is a list of articles, blog posts, organizations and guides that demonstrate the emergence of a new mindset and practice across philanthropy. It has a particular focus on social equity, racial justice, and building networks/movement alignment as three core areas progressive philanthropy is exploring–and where it must increasingly devote attention[…]


Capacity and Networks – a brief bibliography

View this as a Google Document to leave your comments.   Table of Contents Synthesis thoughts, provoking questions Toolkit: A Network Approach to Capacity Building (Council of Nonprofits, 2015) Academic Article: Building Local Infrastructure for Community Adoption of Science-Based Prevention: The Role of Coalition Functioning (Prevention Science, 2015) Briefing Paper: Capacity Building 3.0 (The TCC[…]