So You Work for a Colonial, White Supremacist, Patriarchal Institution, Now What?

Odin and Ari are co-facilitating a year-long learning and action community beginning this fall currently entitled “So…You Work for a Colonial, White Supremacist, Patriarchal Institution: Now What?” to bring together a group of practitioners committed to shifting the dominant “the way it is” and exploring ways to navigate systems of oppression in ourselves and our[…]

Learning Through Experimentation

Experimentation is a central practice for groups trying to collaborate more effectively, especially those that are trying to tackle complex problems. In particular, experimentation is a powerful way for a group to learn and improve collectively and quickly. However, it’s not easy to do this. It requires discipline and rigor, a set of well-developed muscles[…]

Transformative Philanthropy

Transformative Philanthropy Resources The following is a list of articles, blog posts, organizations and guides that demonstrate the emergence of a new mindset and practice across philanthropy. It has a particular focus on social equity, racial justice, and building networks/movement alignment as three core areas progressive philanthropy is exploring–and where it must increasingly devote attention[…]

Network Ecology

Network Ecology We are in an era where the challenges of social justice and creating more resilient communities require us to embrace complexity.  This complexity lives both in the way we think about systems that helps us craft solutions at scale and also in how we structure ourselves.  To create this change, we need to[…]