Nature, Power, Networks, Spirit – 2020

October 6, 2020

Does the caterpillar know it’s becoming a butterfly?

A series of 5 practices for connecting with nature and supporting emergence – starting Tuesday October 20, 2020 for 5 Tuesdays.

We are at the end of an era of human history, calling us to re-examine our core values and shift our practices.  Let’s step into shaping a culture where attention and care are central in our relationships with each other and the world.

Join us for 5 sessions to explore practices grounded in nature and spirit that cultivate our resilience, focus on emergence, and invite individual and institutional transformation.  Each session will include a nature awareness practice, a brief talk about emergence and transformation, and time for connection and dialogue with other participants.

We are collaborators who work with social and environmental justice networks and movements, and are committed to deepening our work and sharing practices at the intersection of nature, power, networks and spirit.  So often spirit has been misunderstood or gutted from our work: moving into a new world requires reconnecting to what is broader than ourselves or our organizations, that which is beyond the realm of knowing.

By weaving together nature, power, networks, and spirit, we’ll cultivate personal and collective resilience as we reckon with the challenges facing us…and the new world awaiting us.

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Image credits: first 3 Ari Sahagun, geese, rhizome